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Valve Division

Valve Services, Repair & Automation

What you can expect from our Valve Field Services:

  • Valve Sourcing, Valve Sales and pre-commissioning of all new valves
  • Efficient and precise installation and calibration of valves on-site. *coming soon*
  • Plant pre-commissioning on-site service.
  • Thorough inspection and preventative maintenance for enhanced reliability.
  • Quick Response and troubleshooting for valve-related issues.
  • Planned maintenance or unplanned outage repair.

Our Valve Repair Services include:

  • Comprehensive diagnostics and evaluation of valve performance.
  • Expert repairs and refurbishment, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Replacement of faulty components with genuine, high-quality OEM parts.
  • High pressure testing with charting capabilities up to 20,000 psi
  • In-shop tear down failure analysis
  • Full certification reports for rebuilt to failed valves.

With our Valve Automation Services, we bring you:

  • Tailored automation solutions for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Integration of control systems and actuators for seamless valve operation.
  • Remote monitoring and controls options for enhanced convenience.

We also offer in-house or on-site Valve Training Programs designed to equip your professionals with essential skills in the following key areas:

  • Expertise in Valve Selection
  • Proficiency in Installation and Maintenance
  • Strategies for Performance Optimization
  • Practical Insights for effective handling of complex valve systems
  • Techniques for effective Troubleshooting

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