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Surplus Equipment

We offer a diverse range of surplus production equipment, electrical components, and instrumentation. Whether you’re looking for new or used items, or prefer customizable solutions, our inventory includes valves, actuators, meter runs, enclosures, as well as various miscellaneous instrumentation and their corresponding accessories.

If you can’t find exactly what you need, don’t worry. Our full-service fabrication facility can complete component replacements, precise adjustments, and complete equipment modifications, all customized to meet your specific requirements.

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Type of EquipmentLocationMakeModelDescriptionImage
InstrumentationInsturments – Fort St. JohnSchneider ElectricScadpack 4203Scadapack 4203 – 300″water column x 1500psi static with LCD display.
InstrumentationInsturments – Fort St. JohnRosemount 3051 Transmitter3051TG5A2B21AB4C6M5Rosemount 3051 – 0-10,000PSI static with LCD display 
InstrumentationInsturments – Fort St. JohnFischer Floboss103 GP4 DP2Fisher Floboss 103 Flowcomputer 0-3626PSI static x 0-250 Inches of water column with LCD display and 6- point I/O 
InstrumentationInsturments – Fort St. JohnRosemount 2088 Transmitter2088G4S22A1M5C6Rosemount 2088 transmitter 0-4000psi static with LCD display 
InstrumentationInsturments – Fort St. JohnRosemount 3051 Transmitter3051S2CD2A2F12A1AK6M5P1Q4Rosemount 3051 differential Transmitter with LCD display