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Oilfield Rentals

Oilfield Rental Inventory

We know the dynamic and demanding nature of the oilfield industry. That’s why we offer an extensive range of first-class rental equipment to meet your needs. Our diverse catalog of oilfield rentals includes:

  • Pressure Recorders
    Choose from mechanical or digital options for accurate pressure monitoring.
  • Digital Deadweights and Gauges
    Our digital deadweights and gauges ensure precision measurement.
  • Portable Generators
    From remote sites to emergency situations, our generators deliver the energy you need, wherever you need it.
  • Chemical Injection Skids
    Our rental options cover a spectrum of sizes, ensuring you have the right equipment for efficient and precise chemical injection.
  • Safety Equipment: Ensure a secure work environment with UV/IR test equipment and gas detection calibration kits.
  • Calibration Equipment Galore
    From dry block calibrators to electronic instrument air dew point testers, our calibration equipment is ready for deployment.
  • Fluke Thermal Imagery
    Access Fluke Thermal Imagery for efficient diagnostics and preventive maintenance.
  • Hilti Cutters and Crimpers
    Rugged, reliable, and ready for action.
  • Hart Communicators
    Our Hart communicators ensure seamless interaction with your instruments.

Don’t see what you’re after above? Chances are we either have it in stock or can get it real quick.

At Ace Instruments Ltd. Your success is our priority. Our Oilfield Rentals offer unparalleled reliability, cutting-edge tech, and a commitment to your success. Contact us today to find the perfect rental solutions for your unique requirements.

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