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Community Involvement

First Nations Alliance

At Ace Instruments, we believe in the power of meaningful connections and the importance of fostering relationships that honor and respect Indigenous communities. Our commitment is not just a checkbox —it’s a core value that shapes our operational ethos, collaborative efforts, and contributions to the communities we proudly serve. With 25% of our workforce being Indigenous, diversity and inclusion are integral to our organizational fabric.

We continuously strive to foster, build, and engage with the indigenous communities in the following ways:

  • Cultural Respect and Understanding
  • Sustainable Partnerships
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Environmental Stewardship

Ace Instruments is pleased to announce that we have formed a Strategic Alliance with the Saulteau First Nations owned company Mighty Peace Constructors. Through this alliance we will be able to expand our services and resources to the benefit of our clients, partners, and First Nations Communities.

Community Involvement

At Ace Instruments Ltd., community involvement is another of our core values, and we take pride in our longstanding commitment to local charities, youth programs, sports teams, hospitals, and various community initiatives. Below are just a few examples of past and current involvement:

  • North Peace Gymnastics Association
  • Dawson Creek Rotary
  • FSJ Rod and Gun Club
  • Shriners of BC & Yukon
  • Charlie Lake Ice Fly-In
  • FSJ Crystal Cup
  • Blueberry First Nations Men’s Hockey
  • High School Rodeo Sponsorship
  • Various Hockey Sponsorship
  • Crystal Cup
  • Salvation Army
  • Friendship Center
  • Hospital Foundation

Ace Instruments Ltd. is dedicated in its ongoing commitment to create positive community impact. Contributing to our community is one of the ways through which we express our unwavering support and appreciation, recognizing the significance it holds.

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