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SunPumper Solar Powered Pumps

Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pumps

Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pumps

  • Completely Solar Powered – System requires no gas, air, or electrical power source
  • Eliminates stalling problems associated with wet gas – no regulator problems
  • Systems are pre-wired/preassembled for quick installation
  • State of the art piston and seal technology
  • No springs or diaphragms to break or wear out
  • Self lubricated
  • Accurate and dependable timer – set it and forget
  • Solar Power Eliminates VOC emmissions – helps to comply with Clean Air Act
  • Portable – if requirements change, systems can be easily relocated
  • CSA certified packages available

SunPumper Parts

See the photo gallery below for the various SunPumper parts we stock.

SunPumper Packages

Over the years, Ace Instruments has designed and built many different Sunpumper packages for our customers. Each SunPumper package is specific to the location and pumping requirements of the site. Now, with our new facility, large orders can be built in a shorter time and shipped directly to our clients with very little delay.

SunPumper Manuals

Below are all related SunPumper manuals for repairs and field installation. If you have any questions, contact us.

SunPumper Photo Gallery

Our SunPumper photo gallery details our remote location installs of SunPumper systems, our appearances at various trade shows, and our most popular units- the SunPumper 500 gallon skids.

SunPumper Videos

Watch the videos to get an idea of how SunPumper solar powered chemical injection pumps are put together.

SunPumper 113 Video
SunPumper 880 Video

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