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End to End Oil and Gas Facility Solutions.

Here at Ace, we specialize in the construction of oil and gas facilities, ranging from single well separators, produced water injection facilities, right up to full scale oil batteries and gas plants. With everything in between.

Our capabilities encompass the integration of SCADA systems, adherence to BCER and AER requirements, and comprehensive management of tie-in processes for seamless start-ups.

Our team, comprised of experienced Journeyman Electricians and Instrumentation Control Technicians, are dedicated to ensuring efficient project execution. Collaborative planning and teamwork with on-site tradesmen are key elements in our approach, prioritizing timely completion.

Safety is fundamental and we are extremely proud of our safety record. We arrive on-site fully equipped with safety gear, conduct thorough hazard assessments, and collaborate with safety personnel to ensure the well-being of our team and others on-site.

Give us a chance to bid on your upcoming construction packages, and we are confident you will be extremely pleased with your overall experience.

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