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Chemical Skids

Ace Instruments Ltd has been a pioneering force in advanced turnkey chemical injection systems. For over 15 years we’ve delivered end-to-end solutions built to meet our customers’ operational needs.
Our expertise takes you from concept to production with precision and proficiency, we aim to be your dedicated partner in all your chemical injection system needs.

Our range of pump offerings includes:

  • Electric Pumps
  • Pneumatic Pumps
  • Multi-Point Injection Pumps
  • Fluid Transfer Pumps

Additional Services:

  • Installation and Setup
  • Post-Installation Support
  • Rental Packages

Key Features:

Precise Pump Selection: Our team meticulously selects the most suitable pumps to maximize operational efficiency, ensuring the desired results for your specific needs.

Material Compatibility: Our careful selection of materials ensures that your system is not only efficient but also safe, protecting both your equipment and the environment.

Flexible Frame Options with Tanks: Customize your system with our flexible frame options, complete with tanks of various sizes and materials.

MODBUS Integration: Streamline your system monitoring with MODBUS communication, allowing for efficient data management and analysis.

Remote Connectivity via Cellular Networks: Stay connected and in control with our systems offering remote connectivity via cellular networks, providing access and monitoring capabilities from anywhere.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Pressure Requirements: Our tailored solutions cater to diverse pressure requirements, ensuring that your system operates optimally under varying conditions.

Customization: We understand that every project has its own intricacies. That’s why we offer customizable injection pump options, allowing you the flexibility to choose what’s best for your application.

Rigorous Quality Assurance: Quality is paramount in everything we do. Our strict quality assurance protocols are integrated throughout the production process to ensure your system’s reliability and longevity.

Diverse Pump Units: Whether you require pneumatic or electric pump units, we have a diverse range available to suit your specific application and operational needs.

Power System Sizing: We specialize in accurately sizing power systems for pumps, ensuring that your system operates at its optimal capacity.

Strong Partnerships: By collaborating with leading manufacturers, we can offer you a comprehensive range of pump solutions, supported by industry-leading expertise and technology.

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