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Commercial Division

Commercial, Electrical & Instrumentation services

Ace Instruments is proud to be adding our construction expertise to the commercial and light industrial sectors.

Our range of services includes:Empty factory background, nighttime.Electrical Components Arranged On House Plans

• Office reconfigurations
• Retail build-outs
• Small building extensions
• Tenant build-outs
• Fire alarm installations

We specialize in providing green energy solutions to reduce usage through modern technology technical awareness for all projects in the commercial and light industrial installations including retrofit upgrades and new construction.

Architecth and two construction workersOur new division will bring the commitment and responsiveness of a small contractor with the expertise and purchasing power of a large firm. We offer design assistance services, knowledgeable and experienced trades, superior management skills, financial strength and exceptional Health & Safety Management. All of our clients will receive premium results at great value.


Our team approach encourages collaborative relationships with design consultants, suppliers, manufacturers, and the client to ensure we optimize value-added services throughout all phases of the build.

For more information, contact:

Dino Soucy