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Cummins Power Generation

Backing up a world that’s always on.

Your power can go out at any time, but finding peace of mind doesn’t have to be a headache. Cummins horsepower has helped move the world forward for over a century. That same reliability is also built into every Cummins generator, whether it’s a portable unit designed for tailgating or camping, a residential installation to keep your family safe and comfortable during severe weather or a commercial generator to keep your business open. Having a dependable source of electricity – when and where there is none – provides tremendous peace of mind and keeps life going on as normal. That means:
• Quiet, dependable products designed and sized for your home or business.
• Low total cost of ownership over the life of your system.
• Local availability of genuine parts and expert service.

Contact Ace Instruments to learn how Cummins standby power systems can help keep your lights on and your doors open.

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