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Cummins Power Generation


Don’t let a power outage close your business.

Your customers and your bottom line need you to stay up and running. That means you need reliable standby power. You can count on Cummins for standby power protection whenever, however and wherever you need it. That means:
• Quiet, dependable products designed and sized for your home or business.
• Low total cost of ownership over the life of your system.
• Local availability of genuine parts and expert service.

Contact Ace Instruments to learn how Cummins standby power systems can help keep your lights on and your doors open.

cummins-residential-1 cummins-light-commercial-1 cummins-connect-series-1
Residential standby
Light commercial
standby generators
QuietConnect and
PowerConnect for
homes and businesses

Watch what these systems can do for you:

youtubeCummins residential standby

youtubeCummins residential sound pursuader

youtubeCummins RS20 unit